TomTom VIA 1505M World Traveler Edition Review

TomTom VIA 1505M World Traveler Edition ReviewTomTom VIA 1505 M World Traveler Edition works best for travelers moving across the two continents North America and Europe. Local maps are easily accessible and you only have to make a few minor changes in settings to obtain detailed local maps. Free lifetime map updates is a great plus point for this GPS unit. But you have to bear in mind that lifetime traffic option is not there. Two other features that you will not find in this device are voice-based commands and Bluetooth connectivity. These are the two major disadvantages. But important features such as Advanced lane guidance, millions of Points of Interests, IQ Routes, and the new map sharing technology are of immense value. The low-cost tag turns it into an affordable option for international travelers.

Check out all the features of VIA 1505m world traveler

The maps of Europe, US, Canada, and Mexico are loaded from the very start. You can get the latest information about sudden road changes by making using of the map sharing community. The one thing that you can always expect is an exceptional navigational quality from TomTom. With the 1505M via wte edition, you do not have any problem when changing lanes in busy cross-sections. The 3-dimensional viewing of complex junctions keeps it easy for the driver when it involves lane changing. The ground situation is easily explained via the realistic 3D view of junctions, which of course, leads to better driving decisions. Local points of interests are available for the majority of the locations. TomTom increases the Points Of Interests database continuously. This ensures that new points are available from the first day. This feature is particularly useful in locating emergency services.

The GPS unit offers a number of route alternatives between two given points. The decision regarding the most effective possible route is taken based upon time and fuel data available. This system is extremely useful in getting the most reliable route as well as an award-winning feature. While the size of the screen is not that large (5inches), it offers a simplicity of typing data. The box includes an incorporated mount system. Use the mounting unit to place the GPS on the windshield or on the dashboard.

Once you have ordered the device you will be given a subscription to map updates. The subscription enables easy map downloads. It is important to remember that only 4 downloads are possible in one single year.

Free traffic updates feature is not available on VIA 1505m wte. Those who want the traffic update system will have to buy a new antenna and traffic subscription separately. The GPS offers impressive online connectivity and a range of navigational data. The Touchscreen displays advance information about toll charged roads. Therefore, one can quickly revise the route plan. You can also check on speed limit restriction for various roads via the route information feature. It is possible that European maps may not be pre-loaded in the device. You will need to verify from the seller before making the purchase. Anyway, new maps are always available as free of charge downloads.

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